DN/DOB: 20/12/2014

Pai/Sire: Sobers Lucifer, SBIS, CH SE NO FI INT CIB, Donaueschingen W’12
Mãe/Dam: Kiss’N Make Up da Roseira Brava, JCH JP12 JBIS, GROUP WINNER; LISBON W12

Heart test (echocardiography) normal.
Pedigree Breedarchive

Oscar was our pick of a litter of thirteen. From the moment he was born, it was hard to keep our eyes off him. Because he’s the same age as Lucie, he has yet to make his show debut, but we have high hopes for him as a show and stud dog.

The litters that gave us Lucie and Oscar were sired by Sobers Lucifer, which allowed us to open up our lines and secure dark pigmentation. We are delighted with the result.

From the same litter as Oscar, Night Music lives with Jorge Nallem, in Uruguay, Night Fever with Christine Gallienne, in France, Night Raven with our friend Manuela Jorge, who has two of our whippets from previous litters, and Night Dreamer, lives in Germany with Joerg Werner, to mention just a few of the owners…

Paulo Coelho, Roseira Brava