JE15 JP15 PT JCH Baby, Puppy & Junior BISDN/DOB: 21/12/2014

Pai/Sire:Sobers Lucifer, SBIS, CH SE NO FI INT CIB, Donaueschingen W’12
Mãe/Dam:Nevedith Pfa Pollyanna, PLW’08 PMW’08 JE’08 LISBON W’10 BOB’10 PT CH GCH SBIS

Heart test (echocardiography) normal.
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Lucie was the puppy we picked out from our latest litter. She’s a daughter of Polly, with excellent show temperament as well as conformation and movement which are hard to ignore.

Nightkiss, another favourite from the same litter of 6 bitches, lives with Carlos Renau in Spain. We have great hopes for these two in the future.

Paulo Coelho, Roseira Brava